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Join our Community and enjoy these benefits
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Save time searching

The corporate wellness and leadership market is fragmented and you have to spend hours searching and reviewing inconsistent information from Providers. The platform will enable you to see a consistent view of the most extensive range of services available anywhere.

A one-stop shop

Supporting your people’s wellbeing and professional development needs across multiple different sources adds effort. By providing a single environment where providers, HR leaders and research connect and collaborate means you can meet all your wellness and leadership needs in one place. We also provide a Concierge service to help you bring it all together.

Expert advice

We partner with thought leaders and groups of Providers to perform research and publish best practise on how to implement wellbeing and leadership programmes. As times change rapidly, we also collaborate and distil the latest learnings from the community for you to ensure your staff have access to the best ideas and services available.

No more admin

Currently, every time you book a new Provider’s service you have to spend time setting up that provider on your system to process payments. You can now set your business up just once to use the entire range of for suppliers with our one-time set-up.

Focus on Collaborative Creativity for Your Staff

Ensuring all the boring stuff above is dealt with, allows your creativity to flow and for you to collaborate with fellow wellbeing providers to book amazing new experiences for your staff. This means that you can focus on the reason you started in the first place.

Growing Wellness and Leadership!