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Yogapal - your yoga and mindfulness community.
We deliver classes, programs, an app, books, accessories, news and updates to our clients and community.
Dublin, Ireland
personal wellbeing, emotional wellbeing, physical wellbeing, societal wellbeing
Grainne Toher
Yogapal - your yoga and mindfulness community
Grainne Toher discovered the highly transformative effects of meditation and mindfulness during a prolonged period of mental stress. Suffering from chronic frozen neck, shoulders and back pain, she began to discover a freedom and release through movement with the right type of effort using breath, posture work, stretching and core control. A qualified body/mind teacher since 2013 (apprenticing through 2012), she has completed 500 hrs of Yoga teacher training. Grainne is a registered, accredited and insured member of Yoga Alliance Professionals, and a fully qualified Pilates, Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor. Grainne created the Yogapal portal in June 2018 offering a host of yoga and mindfulness services across a range of different media to clients. Yogapal is your Yoga and Mindfulness community.
Yoga through Mindfulness to empower and inspire.
Yoga increases physical and mental resilience and our class comprises breathwork, lots of stretches, poses, sequences, mindfulness and concludes with relaxation.
Still Mind Mindfulness & Meditation Class
Make peace with your busy life in this mindfulness and meditation class. Learn tools and techniques to gradually calm the mind and improve your quality of life.