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Wake Up!
We Help to create organisations where people feel good about themselves.
Using years of research into what leaders need to do to create a great working environment. We work with Companies across Ireland and the UK in developing a working environment that puts people first. Happy workplaces enhance creativity, productivity, profitability, wellbeing and greater employee engagement. Over a 4 month period in 4 days I provide leaders with the tools to create that working environment. I also provide a 6 week programme on happiness to the general public as well as team building and connection workshops for teams.
ERIC centre, Carlow.
workplace wellbeing, personal wellbeing, societal wellbeing
Stephen Dargan
Working with Organisations and people to Make life better
With years of research into why employees who feel good about themselves are more productive, creative, healthier and more engaged in the working environment. I work with organisations across Ireland and the UK helping the leaders within those organisations empower teams and themselves with tools that create workplaces who put their people first. Increased Productivity and profitability then flows from that. Simply put "Great Leaders make others feel good about themselves" That should be the goal of every organisation. Over a4 month period I help your company to do just that. I also organise and facilitate the Happyworkplaces Ireland conference each year. Bringing leaders in the world of Workplace happiness together to share how they have and are shaping the Future of work. I also work with teams in team building and connection workshops and deliver 6 week programmes on happiness to the public. Stephen has also created the Happy Workplaces Ireland Conference. An annual event now in its 4th year. Where experts in the field of workplace happiness and the future of work across Ireland and Europe share how they have transformed the world of work for the better.
Why Happy workplaces are the future of work
Why are some organisations great places to work? Why are certain companies creating cultures where "their people feel good"? Over 90 mins we will show you why a happy workplace is the future of work.
Positively Happy. Team-building Morning
Sometimes it's great to leave work behind and reconnect together as individuals. Over 3 hours we focus on what creates a happier, less stressful life, in an interactive and engaging environment.
The Happy Workplaces 4 day leadership programme
A happy workplace leads to greater productivity and tangible business results. This programme is about placing people at the heart of what your managers do. This programme takes place over 4 months.
The Happy Programme-Making Life Better
The Happy Programme. A six week programme focusing on the science and research into how we can create a happier life experience. An interactive and life affirming experience on what happiness is.