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Stretch, Strength & Sweat Live 30 Movement Break
by Carl Grehan  from The Movement Break
personal wellbeing
1 - 500 Participants
30 Minutes Duration
Stretch, Strength & Sweat Live 30 Movement Break
By Carl Grehan From The Movement Break
1 - 500 people
30 minutes
Stretch, Strength and Sweat is a live 30-60 minute virtual Movement Break to get you moving and give you energy for the rest of the day.
A virtual break focusing on the health and wellness of your employees. This is an opportunity to bring your employees together and allow them to take some time away from their workspace and focus on them. Help your employees move more, feel good and perform better with our Stretch, Strength and Sweat session.Stretch - Prepare your body for what's to come, limber up by stretching and flowing into your workout!Strength - Strength Training is important for long term independence and body composition. Sweat - Improve cardiovascular fitness, heart health and your mental health with all the post session endorphins!
Experience Type
personal wellbeing
Target Audiences
everybody, staff
Did Wednesday and Thursdays live classes and loved how varied they both were. On both days I felt energized to go for a walk that evening also
Amy Bell,
About The Movement Break
As two brothers, we are excited and passionate about improving physical and mental wellbeing in the workplace. We noticed that due to the current circumstances people could not get to the gym and more people than ever were working from home, including ourselves. It's easy to forget to move, whether you’re working at the office or remotely. We want to help people create better habits in their working day by bringing Movement Breaks to them. Studies show that exercise and small breaks can improve productivity levels. We want to help employees move more, feel good and perform better in their workplace!
About Carl Grehan
Carl is co-founder of The Movement Break, head of marketing & coach with Performance Therapy Ireland. Carl wants to help as many people as possible on their personal health & fitness journey.. From working in the Health, Fitness & Sports Industry for the last 10 years and primarily working with individuals and small groups, Carl realised the positive impact he could have on people and ignited the fire to create The Movement Break, which is giving him the platform to help even more people become more aware of their health & wellbeing. Carl is dedicated and motivated towards his work and his philosophy is built around empathy and support through coaching.
Carl is a hungry task driven individual who leaves no stone unturned. He reminds me of a swan – calm and collected on the exterior but driven and working hard internally.
Stuart Grehan - Co-Founder, Owner & Head of Operations, BikeRowSki
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