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Eithne Kennedy
An empowering experience of wellbeing in body and mind.
An emphasis on teaching accessible, practical tools that are tailored to meet the unique needs of your team. Classes and workshops focus on helping participants find equanimity in body and mind, creating a space where clarity and calm are more readily available. When we feel steady and supported, we are more effective in all areas of our lives. Combining deep knowledge of meditation and Yoga practice with 10+years of clinical practice, I am passionate about what I do and excited to share my skills and learnings with you.
Dublin, Ireland
Yoga, Meditation, Wellbeing, Stress Management, Sleep, Wellbeing in Body and Mind, Physical, Emotional and Mental Health, Contentment, Happiness, Ease, Personal Development
Eithne Kennedy
Combining deep knowledge of yoga and meditation with 10+ years of clinical kinesiology experience.
I am passionate about what I do. My work is an extension of my approach to life, and I am excited to share my skills and learnings with you. I have been practising yoga and kinesiology since the early 2000s and, in 2010, I made the decision to leave my career in telecommunications to join the wellness sector full-time. Now, I divide my days between my busy kinesiology practice; and teaching yoga and self-care. I offer yoga classes and kinesiology sessions in Dublin, Ireland, and online. The classes and sessions I offer combine my deep knowledge of yoga and meditation practices with my 10+ years of clinical kinesiology experience. I wholeheartedly believe in sharing practices that can help people find calm and happiness in their busy lives. In addition to teaching yoga at all levels, I work with clients suffering from stress and diet-related ailments, anxiety, fatigue, and poor sleep. I also work closely with people who are exploring their potential for personal growth. Having practised kinesiology since 2007 (initially part-time), I began teaching yoga in 2012. I am qualified to the ‘advanced’ (500 hours) level, and I am a member of the teaching faculty on a Yoga Teacher Training course at The Yoga Room in Dublin. I offer classes and workshops to corporate clients and members of the public on: Yoga; Mindful Movement; Meditation; Self-Care; and Stress Management. I also lead workshops and retreats in Ireland and abroad.
Re-Frame Your Day!
How would it be to feel energised, centred and positive as you begin your day, regardless of what the day holds? This is a series of 5 x 30 min online morning classes, delivered weekly.
Cultivating Steadiness in Changing Times
1 hour of calm, delivered to your team at their desks. A workshop to help people cope with the stress and anxiety affecting many of us as we navigate the uncertainty of our post-lockdown world.
Reach Your Full Potential
This 1 hour interactive workshop combines meditation with Kinesiology healing techniques to explore how you can ‘get out of your way’ and start to achieve your professional and personal goals.