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65*35 (65by35)
65*35, a sustainability & CSR advisory helping SMEs link to their physical and societal environment
65*35 takes its name from the E.U.’s 65% recycling target by 2035, a step towards a circular economy. The end goal is to re-use increasing quantities of waste rather than continuously harvesting raw materials. Under the current take-make-waste system raw materials will deplete and not be available to future generations. The circular economy is a fair operating system to the environment and future generations. Much like a circular economy 65*35 company values are fairness and reason. Little else is required to improve how we live and our personal environment. It is 65*35’s mission to help other companies to realise their values and expose their sense of fairness to society and the environment. This is achieved by developing their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy which is then woven into operations and brand.
Corporate Social Responsibility, societal wellbeing, personal development
Paul Delaney
An experienced strategic-analyst and facilitator who helps others find their sustainable-selves.
Paul Delaney left the telecoms industry after 20 years to live his environmental values. In that time Paul advised on multi-year infrastructure investments from which he developed a thought process aligned to scale and long-term impacts. Experienced in strategy, analytics, and market intelligence, Paul has an ideal skill set to observe, quantify, analyse and offer considered opinion. This combined experience makes Paul the ideal candidate to offer practical advice by which to make improvements. Paul holds an MSc in Sustainable Development from DCU, marketing degree and PMP from the Project Management Institute. His MSc dissertation focused on Ireland’s challenges in hitting long-term waste targets and the delaying of transition to a circular economy from waste contamination. Waste separation is a national issue because “we all create waste”. Paul developed a research concept, ‘Competence Score’ by which to measure the populations knowledge of waste separation. Paul has advised the NWCPO, Irish waste regions, waste companies and the Green Schools Program (An Taisce). His method is to use change management principles and insight to on-board participants with his message of Desired Disposal Habits. Paul leads workshops and engagements creating Better Waste and developing CSR strategies.
CSR strategy kick-start
This module is aimed at companies who want to take a first step towards assessing appropriate and relevant CSR themes.
Creating CSR strategy
This module is aimed at companies who want to define their corporate conscience but lacking the time or internal resource to do so.
Better Waste - Desired Disposal Habits
This module is aimed at companies who want to introduce staff to appropriate waste separation to improve their environmental conscience.