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Managing Time Efficiently for Family Life
by James Parnell  from The Wellbeing Gym
Personal Development & Performance
8 - 99 Participants
60 Minutes Duration
Managing Time Efficiently for Family Life
By James Parnell From The Wellbeing Gym
8 - 99 people
60 minutes
How to manage your time so you can live a happier life
How many times have you heard yourself saying “I don’t have time” or “I feel overwhelmed”? How is it there are people who seem to have all the time in the world? This session reframes your relationship with time and provides you with practical tools to move from busyness to productivity, from overwhelm to calm. We cover the concept of time, analyse your use of time, and provide clear actions to enhance your ability to manage the things that are important to you. We also provide a mental model for dealing with moments of overwhelm. This session gives you the tools and systems to take control of your life
Experience Type
Personal Development & Performance
Target Audiences
James ran a time management session with our LEAP development programme delegates and it was really impactful. It was universally rated as one of the top sessions, helping people plan and prioritise their time as well as feeling able to factor in time for themselves, helping to achieve a work-life balance. We will run this session again!
Mel, Head of Education, Dublin,
About The Wellbeing Gym
We help you, regardless of personal definition of success, to discover your Mission, give it due Attention and take action according to Principles or values. Any Goal can be achieved through Prioritised action and the right Systems and habits. That's why we created MAP, a mental model to help you realise your purpose and live a content life. We guide you to use MAP and GPS to design the life or business you want and enhancing your wellbeing and performance. Corporate Wellness We work with leaders who recognise that well-being and engagement lead to optimised performance. Leadership and Talent Programmes We work with organisations who want to drive change through a coaching and innovation culture. Productivity Programmes to enable Innovation. We work with business leaders who believe that clarity of mind and purpose leads to better higher quality innovation 1-1 Productivity and Life Design Mentoring Mentoring is all about you. We will guide you to become more productive and to design the life you want. Online Learning Academy We now provide on-demand, bite-size learning you can access anytime, anywhere. This allows corporates to educate at scale. Speaking or Professional Facilitation Our talks are entertaining, engaging and practical. You will leave the room with clear pragmatic actions.
About James Parnell
James is founder of The Wellbeing Gym and creator of the MAP model for personal wellbeing and peak performance. He is also co-founder of Corporate Wellness Ireland, which provides wellbeing programmes and services for businesses of all sizes interested in enhancing employee wellbeing and engagement. The Wellbeing Gym provides neuroscience-backed online, offline and blended life design, self-leadership, performance and productivity training programmes to individuals and businesses. James also created - a resource for returning emigrants or those coming to Ireland for the first time. It is the first blended online and offline training/coaching programme to inspire and help people create their ideal life in Ireland. An Irish and Australian citizen, James blends 20+ years of international experience in software and banking, managing large delivery teams in high pressure environments. An experienced agile, design thinking, experimentation and innovation consultant, facilitator and life design coach, James has worked with Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, AIB, Ulster Bank and other global companies. He also writes occasionally for the Irish Times and Thrive Global. In his approach to conscious leadership, James focuses on the individual to ensure an integrated holistic view. He then partners and supports the person with practical, actionable and pragmatic tools to ensure personal change and higher performance. James believes that “knowledge without action is not wisdom”.
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